Reminds me of the family where the custom was that the oldest male relative present at birth choose the babies' names. Twins were expected.

The father was called away on business, and the uncle stepped in. But he was known as a bit of a prankster... the mother was relieved when, told she had a daughter, learned that the name was Denise.

And my son, she hopefully enquired of her brother?

Danephew, he replied.

Requisite formality is fading away everywhere. While I think this is generally salutary, it opens up the possibility of themed, completely voluntary events where extreme formality is required, practiced--and celebrated as an art form!

Evan, this is beautifully written. Many traditions; perhaps even all of them, speak about the Great Change, usually in some distant imagined time.

By any empirical measure, that time must be now. How we respond will govern the whole not only of future human history but of life on Earth.

We must respond. We must find a way to build a massive movement of compassionate creatives, inspired by a common attainable vision.

Some of us are living our lives with the intention you so beautifully expressed as, "What if the point of existence isn’t to get to Heaven, but to build it?"

(We don't refer to Heaven, because our approach is scientific. But others may call it that. ;) )

Here's another Nietzsche quote we find apropos in this effort: "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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This is a remarkable point, which should bring together people who otherwise disagree on social and tax policy:

"The beauty of a flat amount UBI combined with a flat % tax on spending is that it creates a ‘progressive’ system, with most of the net benefit flowing to those on zero and low incomes — though everyone is treated the same!"

Jonathan Kolber

I think about how to create societies of sustainable, technological abundance. My book, A Celebration Society, offers one solution. It has been well received.

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