This is a sweet story, but not all stories are sweet. Conspiracy theories arise from stories. Some are sweet, but more lead to devastating consequences.

Good storytellers have a power unprecedented in history, and I hope that the best of them (yes, I'm looking at you, Jennifer Dunne) will use that power to bring forth a better world; a world that prizes the scientific method while respecting private spirituality.

Another plant with great promise here is cannabis sativa. Indeed, it was the subject of a documentary in which leading researchers were interviewed, called What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

On the non-coherent gestures of liars, there's a school of thought that those who can read micro-gestures--lasting only a fraction of a second--are better at spotting incongruencies than the rest of us.

For example, the liar who always frowns for a fraction of a second right before fibbing. Experts in this claim that it's far better than a lie detector machine.

It seems to me that there's a nice story collection in the idea of "tattoos that had to be replaced by bigger tattoos".

"Here’s how to identify a pseudo-smart person: ask them what they’ve actually done in order to achieve their goals. If they start justifying their inaction, you’re dealing with a pseudo-intellectual.

What a wonderful filter!

I had a similar problem. I used to love deviled eggs.

One time, I apparently ate rancid deviled eggs. (Amazing, that deviled eggs can go bad.) Thereafter, I couldn't stand even the appearance of deviled eggs for DECADES.

Recently, I overcame this and can enjoy them again.

Perhaps your aversions to buttered movie popcorn and canned ravioli have an, umm, expiration date.

Mastery in many domains seems to come down to functioning like an orchestra conductor; bringing diverse elements together in a perfect synchrony of function and timing.

Certainly, this chef did so.

How many of our social conventions arose from something entirely different?

It reminds me of a favorite saying, "If tradition is taken to its logical extreme, we'll live like cavemen."

I see no reason to subject yourself to gross incivility, unless you're a wage slave and have an inconsiderate manager.

If another guest's behavior is ruining the experience for me, I'll just find an excuse to leave early. Either before or after I leave, I'll tell the host(ess) my reason for leaving. If they aren't willing to prevent that kind of situation in future, I probably would not return.

Life is too short to willingly subject yourself to abuse.

If your whole country is devolving into incivility, you might want to consider relocating. But that's a different discussion.

Wow, you navigated a minefield without any explosions. I wrote an similar comment on Quora about distinguishing cultural appreciation from cultural appropriation.

Unfortunately, Quora's search function does not deliver a link.

Jonathan Kolber

I think about how to create societies of sustainable, technological abundance. My book, A Celebration Society, offers one solution. It has been well received.

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