Graham Hancock made a case for Atlantis being on coastal Antarctica. I do find it interesting that a National Geographic expedition identified long, artificial roads and pyramidal structures ("artificial" was their description of the images they captured) under 1/2 mile of water, off the coast of Cuba.

Either they were wrong, or those structures were 1/2 mile higher during human history. The latter would imply cataclysmic geological shifts, for which Hancock's Netflix special Ancient Apocalypse and a paper both make a case, circa 10,800 BC.



When russia loses the war with Ukraine, Ukraine will righteously require massive reparations. From where will those come?

From China. China has sufficient US paper holdings to "loan" whatever is required.

What will China require in exchange? Resource extraction rights in all of those formerly Chinese territories, and perhaps more.

Of course, in addition, significant interest and principal must be (re-)paid. Also, China will require the right to station "security forces" in order to protect its operations.

When there is a failure of repayment, or some other artfully constructed phrase from the "loan" agreement serves, China will simply foreclose on its "collateral".

A referendum at that point will almost certainly find many people tired of living under endless russian kleptocracy and desirous, at least, of some prosperity and stability in China.



Jonathan Kolber

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