Be With Your Beloved Pet at the End

Jonathan Kolber
1 min readAug 25

Don’t be a coward — they need you most of all then

Not only is it cruel to leave your beloved animal alone when they are dying, but you may miss out on something extraordinary.

I was there with my beloved cat at the end, getting ready for the euthanasia to be administered. As I was gently touching her head, she made a unique double meow sound that I’d never heard before in 13 years with her.

Then she was gone. My wife, who sees such things, witnessed the spirit leaving the body stop momentarily to caress my hand before continuing to rise upward. My wife had never seen that before in many deaths.

Twice since, this cat, my first animal companion, has appeared to me in visions, much as my father did after his death. I assume that they were checking to make sure I was alright.

Jonathan Kolber

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