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  • Carlos Pascual

    Carlos Pascual

    Writing Helps Me Keep Learning Of Wild Chance | Fat Tails | Long-Term Dependence | Concentration | Discontinuity. Writer at www.asymmetricfinance.co

  • Rickie Elizabeth

    Rickie Elizabeth

    Questioning everything, accumulating facts. Tea-lover, long-distance runner, introspective overthinker. Finding humor in the absurd.

  • Burgess Powell

    Burgess Powell

    Strong opinions, loosely held. Burgess explores topics ranging from mental health to marketing to climate change.

  • Mia Thompson

    Mia Thompson

    A student writing about psychology, books, mental health, science, and anything else I find fascinating. Support me here: https://medium.com/@mia.t/membership

  • Steven Acree Jr.

    Steven Acree Jr.

    Barstool Sports| True Crime| Poet| Prose| Troubadour| Entrepreneur| Sports+Betting|<<< Instagram & Twitter @seaj_the_world 🌎

  • Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

    Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

    Professional wizard (I mean, coach…) who used to be a lawyer. Global/🇩🇪 citizen in the 🇺🇸. Find purpose, clarity & focus here: leaderforgood.com

  • Nevin Freeman

    Nevin Freeman

  • Patrick Paul

    Patrick Paul

    Former Spanish lit prof & lawyer, now author & channel for spiritual wisdom. **** Books: https://amzn.to/2K9AG8b. Website: https://www.patrickpaulgarlinger.com.

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