Jonathan Kolber
1 min readMar 27, 2023

I respectfully suggest that the kind of regenerative transformation described by Mr. Wahl and Ms. Macy can most readily be attained by offering to people a way forward that:

* Does not require a reduction to their standards of living, which most will fiercely resist, and

* Combines greater abundance with sustainability, whilst correcting the one great fallacy of The Limits to Growth.

In a phrase, we need to upgrade from "Haves and Have Nots" to "Haves and Have Mores".

How to accomplish this is well beyond the scope of a Medium "story".

This is not utopian and no blueprint is offered. Rather, we have developed a scaffolding. We fully acknowledge that this is an evolutionary process in which mistakes have been made. They will continue to be made, identified and then corrected.

A beginning can be found in a five-minute audio-video presentation, at

Kindly open the "Grand Celebration" link. (It is best opened in PowerPoint as Slideshow, Play from Start.)

Evidence-based comments and suggestions for improvement to our proposal are welcome!

Jonathan Kolber

I think about how to create societies of sustainable, technological abundance. My book, A Celebration Society, offers one solution. It has been well received.