Is the world’s economic framework in a death spiral due to automation?

  1. Has there ever before in history been a force like deep learning? (These are AIs, and the robots they control, that teach themselves how to master complex tasks. They do so far more quickly than humans could teach, or learn.)
  2. Have there ever before been machines that learn new skills through observation of humans, then — through trial and error — perfecting their performance until mastery; mastery that can then be transferred to other machines on demand?
  3. Have there ever before been sensors and actuators capable of granting to robots the full range of human senses and motion control, and beyond?
  4. The range of competencies of such machines is still narrow, but widening rapidly. There is no good reason to expect this to slow, or in fact to do anything other than expand exponentially.
  5. How can the majority of humans possibly compete with such machines, on a cost/benefit basis? (Universally applied by accountants.)
  6. What will happen to the millions of drivers and store clerks whose jobs are being automated away as we speak?



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Jonathan Kolber

Jonathan Kolber


I think about how to create societies of sustainable, technological abundance. My book, A Celebration Society, offers one solution. It has been well received.